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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

why this template?

Was it because:

a) green is my favourite colour
b) the light green on top strongly reminds me of KJ's Catster page
c) orange is also one of my favourite colours
d) I like having the entries on the left side
e) I felt sorry for the template as it doesn't appear to be very popular
f) I like the overall look and feel, or

g) all of the above?

If you guessed g) then you're almost right. It's all of the above, with the exception of a). Green has always been one of my LEAST favourite colours, but all the other points cancelled that out. Especially b), which leads me to wonder if it isn't so much a case of recognizing what I like, as liking what I recognize. Hmmm.

I know. I'm sure you don't really care one way or another why I picked this particular template, but I thought I'd tell you anyway!


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