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Friday, July 28, 2006

okay, maybe just one look

I guess it wouldn't hurt to show you where I spend an awful lot of my time. I love this room because it's so bright and cheerful, and by swivelling my head just a few inches I get to look out at this park!

Hey, this wasn't so scary after all....


Blogger Pieces said...

I love the art on the walls--it IS a bright and cheerful place.

Thank you for sharing a little!

July 29, 2006 5:29 p.m.

Blogger KJ's muse said...

Thanks, pieces. I appreciate you coming to visit!

Hey, did you notice there's a front door in one of the paintings? I could have used that for the first photo! LOL

July 30, 2006 8:29 p.m.

Blogger Girl About Town said...

I love love LOVE your pictures!! And your desk is so tidy!! :)

July 31, 2006 2:29 a.m.

Blogger KJ's muse said...

Thanks girl about town! I have two other pictures by the same artist who painted the fruit bowl one (Vanya Ryan, check out page 2!), and I'll probably post them some time.

I just adore them, and they're probably the only things of any monetary value in my otherwise hand-me-down-or-found-in-thrift-store decorated apartment.

August 01, 2006 12:20 p.m.


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