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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

reading and writing, of a sort

I inherited my mother's hands; square palms with short, stubby fingers that even rings can't make more elegant. No, they're functional hands, not decorative in the least, but I'm used to them, and when cleaning they serve me well.

I've only had my palms read once, but it was by an obvious quack giving me the typical predictions he figured I'd want to hear. Um, don't all of us want to be happy in our work, family and love lives? Give me specifics! Or tell me something that will surprise me. But I'm wondering if there really is anything in those lines that could shed light on characters and futures. Is it a matter of just deciphering them properly? Somehow I doubt it.

I've also had a partial handwriting analysis done once; against my will I might add. When this person wanted an example of my writing, I declined, saying that since I only printed, it wouldn't be of much use anyway. They then informed me that this alone indicated that I was creative, intuitive, communicated clearly, was more interested in ideas, and had less need for social connectedness. Now, I like to think that with the exception of the last trait that all those things are true, but I remain sceptical. Many people don't practise cursive handwriting anymore, especially younger generations used to computer keyboards, and you can't tell me that every person who only prints shares the above traits.

They then happened to glance at my signature (in block letters) and declared that I was defiant of authority (absolutely true, as certain former teachers and employers will attest to), charitable (true, I like to think), and that when I let myself go, very funny. Well of course I didn't mind being told that I'm funny (who would?), so I decided I'd be a little more charitable and a little less defiant than I'd normally be in that type of situation. Snort.

Nah, I think I'll stick with regular reading and writing!


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