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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

debating whether to go beta

Hmmm, that's the question. I'm tempted, because I like the idea of categories (compulsive list-maker that I am!), but I'm feeling a bit reluctant. Call me a nervous Nellie, but I don't like not being able to go back to the original format if I change my mind. Plus I don't like change much to begin with. And what I've noticed with other converted blogs is that I'm not always able to access their comments, and what good is it if I can't indulge my nosiness? :)

What made me consider going beta is that I was toying with starting up an additional blog about a specific topic, but I'm not sure if I can have one blog in beta while this one stays the same. The other thing that irked me is that I would want to have a different profile and photo as the current one wouldn't make much sense given the topic, but that doesn't seem possible either. But I'm also considering trying to write an eBook about the topic in question instead of introducing another blog (why not attempt to make some money if I can?), so I'm not sure if I can be bothered converting this one.

Okay, I guess I've answered my own question! Snort.


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